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  • Tips for taking care of your new plantings

    • Jul, 30 2021
    • Landscaping


    Regular watering is incredibly important during the establishment of newly planted trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. Keep the root system moist, but not too wet, for the first six to eight weeks after planting. Allow the soil to be your guide as to how often you should water, but keep these general time frames in mind for new plantings.

    • Trees and Shrubs: 2x per week or more if there is no rain
    • Herbaceous plants: daily watering to establish growth


    For freshly planted herbaceous plants use a general- purpose fertilizer during their first year of growth

    For shrubs and trees use a fertilizer with a nitrogen source of 12-16 percent. Broadcast fertilizer about 6″ from the trunk to 12″ past the canopy. Applying up to 3 times during the growing season of their first year. Follow directions closely on product and for variety.

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  • About Forestry Mulching

    • Jun, 22 2021
    • MansfieldCoventry
    • ExcavatingLandscaping

    Call Crane Hill Contracting LLC when you want efficient land clearing and forestry mulching Mansfield CT, Coventry CT. Owner Ben Lacy is experienced clearing overgrown land from invasive species, thick underbrush, and thinning established forests. Our Fecon forestry mulcher is a powerful machine that grinds woody brush, depositing the mulch into the soil. The mulch reintroduces nutrients back into the soil, providing superior erosion protection.

    Crane Hill Contracting’s Fecon Bull hogs and compact track loaders can easily be maneuvered in tight spaces and sensitive areas. Our machinery exerts less ground pressure than a human footprint. Perfect for management of large areas, our land clearing machines allow us to remove massive amounts of woody material quickly and effectively.

    When you have land to clear, call Crane Hill Contracting LLC. When you have a construction site to prepare or want to reclaim an overgrown pasture, woodland, or back yard, call owner Ben Lacy today. 860-428-5228.

    The primary service area for Crane Hill Contracting LLC Forestry Mulching includes eastern Connecticut towns of Bolton, Columbia, Coventry, Glastonbury, Hebron, Mansfield Storrs, Tolland and surrounding towns.

    Forestry Mulching Mansfield CT Coventry CT
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  • Excavating Mansfield CT, Coventry CT

    • Jan, 09 2018
    • MansfieldCoventry
    • ExcavatingLandscaping

    Contact Ben Lacy of Crane Hill Contracting LLC when you have land that needs excavating Mansfield CT, Columbia CT. There are many land management projects that require excavation. We do construction site work, digging out foundations, preparing a pool site, pond dredging, drainage, moving earth and rock for walkways, driveways, patios and retaining walls.

    Ben has over 18 years of experience taming very large tracts of land all over the northeast. Our heavy-duty equipment can tame the toughest landscapes. Today the company focuses on residential property improvement. As a full-service landscaping contractor, we can clear your property, contour it, dig out a foundation, create a new basement beneath your barn, and build stone walls.

    With Crane Hill Contracting LLC, you get expert results at competitive pricing. We are an eastern Connecticut company serving Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Our primary service area includes the towns of Bolton, Columbia, Coventry, Glastonbury, Hebron, Mansfield and Tolland CT and surrounding areas. Call today for a consultation: 860-428-5228.

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