When you have a property to tame, call Crane Hill Contracting LLC for expert excavation Hebron CT, Columbia CT. Call for residential site preparation, digging foundations, leveling land for a swimming pool, dredging a small pond, or terracing the land to improve drainage or aesthetics. We have the heavy equipment needed to move earth and rock on your property.

Contouring the land and moving tons of dirt and rock require heavy equipment and a skilled operator. Owner Ben Lacy has the machinery and the expertise to complete the job to specifications. In environmentally sensitive areas, precautions are taken to minimize impact on the surrounding environment.

With Crane Hill Contracting LLC, you get expert results at competitive pricing. We are an eastern Connecticut company serving Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Our primary service area includes the towns of Bolton, Columbia, Coventry, Glastonbury, Hebron, Mansfield and Tolland CT and surrounding areas. Call today for a consultation: 860-428-5228.

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