When you want a fast and environmentally sound machine for clearing brush, use a Fecon Forestry Mulcher. This is a piece of specialized equipment used to grind brush and other woody debris in place, leaving a layer of mulch behind. A forestry mulcher cuts brush differently than a traditional brush hog. It shreds the materials or woody debris using blunt carbide tipped hammers instead of sharp blades. It pulls the woody material through a set of rakes inside the drum housing, effectively shredding the material into mulch.

You may be thinking “blunt hammers? how can this be better than sharp blades?” Well, let me explain… These blunt hammers are a better way to forestry mulch because they destroy the integrity of the wood fibers which allows them to decompose faster, as well as interfacing with the soil which provides excellent erosion protection. Another benefit to having blunt hammers is the ability to directly engage the soil allowing the material to blend together with the topsoil.

Some of the best uses for Fecon Forestry Mulching are reclaiming overgrown farmland and pastures. It’s effective for invasive species control, brush clearing, creating trails, clearing underbrush throughout forestland, or knocking down logging slash.


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