Crane Hill Contracting LLC provides residential landscaping Hebron CT, Columbia CT. When you need a landscaping contractor in the Tolland County area, call owner Ben Lacy. Based in the heart of Tolland County CT, the company has over 18 years of experience with land clearing, landscaping, excavation and hardscaping. We work with undeveloped properties and will improve settled residential land. If needed we begin by clearing the land and grading the property for proper water drainage.

There are several aspects to landscaping: hardscapes and soft scapes. Hardscapes are permanent structures built with natural stone, bricks, paving block or concrete. Softscapes consist of plants chosen to soften the landscape and improve the appeal of the property. The use of plants is beneficial in many ways. Plants add beauty and curb appeal while acting as a wind block, adding shade, color, fragrance and texture. Woody plantings of trees and shrubs add the structure during seasons when the herbaceous plants go dormant. Plantings of herbaceous perennials and annuals bring the color and fragrance to the spring and summer gardens. Hardscaping adds beauty and functionality year round to your home. Crane Hill Contracting enjoys working with the client to create something special and unique for their individual project.

With Crane Hill Contracting, you get expert results at competitive pricing. We are an eastern Connecticut company serving Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Our primary service area includes the towns of Bolton, Columbia, Coventry, Glastonbury, Hebron, Mansfield and Tolland CT and surrounding towns. We are happy to work with the client to ensure a landscape construction design they will enjoy and take full advantage of. Call 860-428-5228 today for a consultation.


Residential Landscaping Hebron CT, Columbia CT