When you need residential landscaping Tolland CT, Bolton CT, contact Crane Hill Contracting LLC. A talented landscaper can transform your home using natural features, plants, stonework and hardscapes. Business owner Ben Lacy is an eastern Connecticut landscaping contractor with experience and expertise. We are a small company, established in Mansfield Storrs CT. Landscape design can add visual interest and improve curb appeal.

Are you planning to sell your home in the near future? Do not underestimate the power of curb appeal. The view of your property from the street should be warm, inviting, and attractive. Getting prospective buyers to attend your open house is going to depend on visual media of the house on realty web sites. The use of flowering trees, appropriately sized shrubbery and colorful flowers should draw the eye to the front door. Subdued natural stonework, walkways, stone porches and border gardens make an effective first impression.

We are an eastern Connecticut company serving Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Our primary service area includes the towns of Bolton, Columbia, Coventry, Glastonbury, Hebron, Mansfield and Tolland CT and surrounding areas. Call 860-428-5228 today for a consultation.

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