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Crane Hill Contracting LLC is a Mansfield Storrs CT stone walls and hardscaping contractor. Many of our eastern CT  hardscapes include large native fieldstone walls. Fieldstone walls are part of New England history. They were, and often still are useful for fencing in livestock. Connecticut land is filled with stones from the glacial period. Farmers cleared the field stone from their land and built rock walls. Today when we think of fieldstone walls, it is most likely in the decorative way.  Crane Hill Contracting can rebuild an existing wall, or construct a new wall using stone on the property or bringing in stone as needed.  The stones are split using a feather and wedge method and walls are dry stacked.

As an experienced eastern CT landscaper, owner Ben Lacy has transformed properties all over the northeast.  When you want to add character to your property and improve curb appeal, consider adding native stone walls, cobblestone driveways, and custom entryways and patios. Some of the materials we use include stone, bricks, and mortarless pavers.  Walls and stone structures prevent erosion, improve curb appeal as well as the functionality of your property.

Owner Ben Lacy has worked on large land development projects, some of which included massive retaining walls. Today our focus is improvement of residential properties. You can be certain that Ben Lacy has the experience and equipment to do the job. When you need a hardscape and stone wall contractor, please call Crane Hill Contracting LLC Hardscaping at 860-428-5228.

The primary service area for Crane Hill Contracting LLC Excavation includes eastern Connecticut towns of Bolton, Columbia, Coventry, Glastonbury, Hebron, Mansfield Storrs, Tolland and surrounding towns. 


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Our latest Stone Wall work at StoneHill in Mansfield CT

Most of the stone was on site, these are hand split, dry stacked stonewalls used for retaining walls throughout this commercial property


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