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Call Crane Hill Contracting LLC when you need a hardscaping contractor for your property in Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island. Hardscaping incorporates non-living elements into your landscape design. It includes any type of decorative or practical structure incorporated into a landscape.

Hard landscape materials provide definition and a sense of organization to your yard. Stone benches, retaining walls, walkways, brick patios, driveways, water fountains, barbecue areas and firepits are examples of hardscaping. Among the benefits of adding hardscapes to your property are increased property value, improved aesthetics, and adding more usable space to your lot.

When you want to improve accessibility with a walkway, extend your patio or incorporate stone walls into your landscape, call Crane Hill Contracting. Licensed contractor Ben Lacy enjoys working with his clients to create something special and unique for their individual projects. We are a full service landscape design company: from design to grading, softscaping with trees and plants to hardscape builds, we do it all. Improve your property and its value today: call Crane Hill Contracting LLC.